Connecting SIJO with HIGH TIDE to help create a new visual identity that aimed to further establish the bedding and sleepwear brand's difference and better align them to launch increasingly sophisticated innovations.


“AUFI listened and tailored to our branding needs carefully and connected us to High Tide to help frame our brand precisely and translate our vision into sound strategies and visuals.”

Anni Stromfeld, Co-Founder - SIJO

“AUFI always connect us to great wonderful client teams but in SIJO’s case, there was rapport and excitement for the brief pretty much from the first introductory call. The seamless introduction meant both teams could immediately focus on really getting into SIJO’s ambitions for the future and how brand design and creative communications could play a pivotal role in their success.”

James Allan, Managing Director - HIGH TIDE

“We’re hugely proud of the end result as it speaks to why the SIJO team was such a good fit for HIGH TIDE - their bravery, trust (in us) and approach to collaboration made them ideal partners.”

James Allan, Managing Director - HIGH TIDE

“In looking for SIJO's perfect agency partner HIGH TIDE felt like a brilliant option from the outset - both teams share an ethos of sustainability and social responsibility, and a vision for a more responsible world. This shared set of values, coupled with HIGH TIDE's talent for building elegant, distinctive brands and campaigns has enabled the relationship to go from strength to strength.”

Alex Lenzan, Head of Growth - ASK US FOR IDEAS