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For over a decade we’ve used our insight, experience and knowledge to connect the world’s most AMBITIOUS BRANDS with a curated network of the world’s most inspiring creative agencies. These partnerships produce exceptional work that transforms businesses, from startups to household names, made possible by ASK US FOR IDEAS .

OpenWeb x Collins
Roc Nation x Matte
Connecting $1B+ valued OPENWEB with creative and brand masters COLLINS for a scale-focussed overhaul of their identity, positioning and digital world.
Brand Narrative – Visual and Verbal Identity – digital.
“As a rapidly growing new brand looking to reach the next level, we needed an agency partner to build our brand platform and creative strategy. AUFI helped us focus on a select number of motivated senior teams.”
Roc NationMatte
Working with ROC NATION ahead of the launch of Jay-Z's new cannabis line MONOGRAM. We paired them with NYC's MATTE PROJECTS to help ideate and execute elements of their launch strategy, campaigns, and digital content.
Art direction – creative direction – digital content series

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