WeTransferBureau VA

Connecting WETRANSFER with BUREAU FOR VISUAL AFFAIRS for a total re-imagination of their worldwide platform for creativity, WEPRESENT.


WETRANSFER came to us with a simple brief: "We want to re-imagine WEPRESENT from the ground up". They had arrived at a point where they were producing content that was truly best-in-class and needed an updated digital experience that reflected that.

“BVA have an ability to distill huge digital ecosystems into seamless, intuitive user-experiences. Foregrounding energy, joy and content they've designed and built an all-new WEPRESENT that's helped position them as creative voice around the world. ”

Nick Bell - AUFI

“We believe chemistry is by far the most crucial ingredient to a successful agency-client relationship, and when WEPRESENT came to us and articulated what they were looking for in a creative partner, Simon and his team's energy immediately stood out as the team to beat”

NICK BELL – aufi