Loop EarplugsPDA

Connecting LOOP EARPLUGS with PDA for a global creative campaign that spreads the word about hearing protection.

Creative strategy – Campaign

In an increasingly noisy and aesthetically-centred world, LOOP created earplugs that are the epitome of style-meets-substance. With a new line of products launching and ambition to capture the eyes - and ears - of a younger audience, they needed an impactful way to show how you can control the volume of your life without sacrificing swagger. We partnered them with PDA for a loud and far-reaching campaign that positions earplugs as a new urban essential.

“AUFI always gives us super comprehensive context on what the client is looking for. After establishing a clear enemy for the brand (noise), we leaned into an insight with great creative tension: LOOP celebrates sound, and empowers users to embrace all the loud activities they love — while protecting their hearing.”

David Yankelewitz – Founder & Creative Director, PDA

“The chemistry between PDA and the LOOP team was incredible from day one, something we always aim for when making these connections.”

Charlotte Rand – Network Director, AUFI