Calirosa TequilaKingsland

Connecting emerging tequila brand CALIROSA with NY-based KINGSLAND for a bold, brave and rebellious launch campaign.

Campaign Concept - Campaign Execution - Production

A newcomer among an increasingly saturated tequila market, Calirosa’s signature product, tequila rosa blanco, stands out with its natural pink colour. With that unique point of difference, the team at Calirosa needed to tell a modern story around a traditional spirit through a product-focused campaign. We partnered them with NY-based team Kingsland, who concepted and executed a campaign that seamlessly educates consumers on a new product while staying true to the vibrant and rebellious nature of the brand’s overarching narrative.

“As always, AUFI knew the right fit for us when it comes to brand, brief and client.  It became clear from the get-go that CALIROSA shares KINGSLAND's vision for what brand marketing could, and should look like, and the client team could not have been more collaborative. It was “a good match,” as my grandmother would say.”

Douglas Brundage, Founder & CEO - KINGSLAND

“CALIROSA needed a team to help them take the best practices from traditional spirits campaigns that hero a single product but make it truly their own in order to stay on-brand while introducing people to a new type of product. With an arsenal of experience in alcoholic beverages, an ultramodern sensibility, and a team who could work collaboratively with CALIROSA's in-house creative team, we knew KINGSLAND was a perfect fit.”

Charlotte Rand, Network Director - ASK US FOR IDEAS

“The resulting campaign is dynamic, clear, colorful, and just punk enough to stand out with style. And yes we really did shave that guy’s head and dye his hair pink.”

Douglas Brundage, Founder & CEO - KINGSLAND