Connecting LENNY KRAVITZ's oral care brand TWICE to the Toronto-based creative agency CONCRETE for a rebrand that helped the business through one of their most exciting transitions: expanding from D2C into retail.

Brand Strategy - Creative Direction - Brand Voice and Messaging - Visual Identity - Launch Campaign - E-commerce - Packaging

TWICE knows that holistic oral care is fundamental to overall physical health. That’s why the brand not only offers a suite of expertly developed products, but every purchase supports free dentistry to people in need. For their US launch in Target - the brand's first retail channel - they needed an identity that was approachable but stood out on shelf. Instead of focusing on the idea of the ‘perfect’ smile, the sunny rebrand celebrates all smiles, imperfect and otherwise.

“We got connected to AUFI as we were starting our search for the branding and design agency that would redefine our future. They helped us streamline the process and made for a much more efficient process at such a crucial time in our business. It was an incredibly hard selection (with two groups we LOVED) and I say that hiring Concrete as our design partner was the best decision we've made as a company…that was all thanks to AUFI who brought them to us!”

Cody Levine, Co-founder, TWICE

"It’s always a pleasure working with the entire team at AUFI. They provide invaluable insight into project briefs and are always prompt and enthusiastic in responding. And, they’ve introduced to some of the most interesting (and nicest!) clients."

John Pylypczak, President, CONCRETE