Now needs New.

AUFI have launched NOW NEEDS NEW, a free initiative that will connect BRANDS in need of strategic help with the industry's top creative agencies. The scheme is open to brands internationally but aims specifically to support businesses in need of creative counsel that have met with new-found hurdles during the coronavirus crisis.

Each brand will be paired by AUFI to a specifically appropriate agency who, through remote workshop sessions, will help shine a light on ways that business can adapt, communicate, pivot and thrive.

We have adapted our traditional business model to launch NOW NEEDS NEW having recognised that now more than ever we need to leverage the potential of ideas and creativity to tackle the challenges we face.

For over a decade we’ve used our insight, experience and knowledge to connect the world’s most ambitious brands with a curated network of the WORLD’S MOST INSPIRING CREATIVE AGENCIES. These partnerships have produced exceptional work that has transformed businesses, from startups to household names, all over the globe.

“Doing nothing is not an option. We need optimism, energy and action and AUFI want to play our part.”
Toby Wilkinson, Co-Founder, Ask Us For Ideas

Businesses, audiences and employees are all looking for leadership and fresh perspectives. As a network of THE WORLD’S MOST CREATIVE AND STRATEGIC THINKERS, we believe we are uniquely placed to help make that happen.




WHO this is for...Available internationally to brands seeking strategic and creative guidance during this time.

WHAT you can expect...Up to three pro-bono remote workshops with one of the world’s most talented creative agencies, tailored to your needs, An invigorated team, A sense of purpose and possibility, and A collection of ideas and innovations to push your brand forward.

HOW to apply...Simply fill out the form on the next page. The more detail you can provide, the more helpful we can be and we’ll follow up to schedule a quick call to learn more about your needs before pairing you with the most appropriate agency.

If you’re a brand interested in gaining access to one of these FREE workshops, or would simply like to know more, please fill out the form below. Do try and be specific, but we understand everything may feel a little foggy right now, so no worries if your answers aren’t super sharp. We’ll be in touch to clarify things appropriately.