PalantirFictive Kin

Connecting PALANTIR, one of the world’s leading tech businesses, with FICTIVE KIN for a total overhaul of its digital presence.

Digital – Strategy

Tech company PALANTIR builds data-driven software that’s used by the public and private sector, including hedge funds, banks and financial service firms such as Airbus, Ferrari and governments globally. They needed a website that reflected the company’s current and future vision, and incorporated the best modern marketing and communications practices. We introduced them to New York-based studio FICTIVE KIN, who embarked on a years-long collaboration to completely reimagine PALANTIR’s digital strategy and output, building a cutting edge new website that helps the company better connect with customers and investors.

“Digital ecosystems don’t come much more complex than PALANTIR’s. They needed an external creative partner to act alongside their own internal digital resource. FICTIVE KIN are exceptionally well versed at striking that balance – being a true partner and collaborator vs operating entirely independently. It's been a pleasure to see that relationship evolve over the years.”

Nick Bell – Co-Founder, AUFI

“It didn’t take us long to establish what we wanted to achieve together: an adventurous, immersive and unique user experience; a site system that channels PALANTIR’s core offerings in its behaviours; a platform that will be impossible for a competitor to copy. The cherry on top? Our six-month post-launch metrics, including a 123% time-on-page increase, a 94% jump in mobile traffic, and most importantly for PALANTIR, a 1000% (!) increase in high-quality leads.”

Amir Ouki – Managing Director, FICTIVE KIN