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Connecting personal finance powerhouse CREDIT KARMA with COLLINS for an identity refresh that more accurately reflected the company's market leading status

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“COLLINS excel at building true brand systems for businesses that operate at scale. Deeply strategic in their foundational thinking, and then exceptionally creative in their execution, they're a team constantly delivering best-in-class work for some of the industries most disruptive and exciting businesses.”

Nick Bell – Co-Founder, ASK US FOR IDEAS

COLLINS was invited to help evolve CREDIT KARMA’s brand and visual expression to better communicate the vision of the multifaceted company they had become. They needed to be differentiated from encroaching competitors, and bring a stronger voice and coherence to support their next decade of growth.

“Fast-scaling tech 'start-up's' often find themselves dressed in outdated brand identities. The bi-product of scaling that quickly means that more often than not, the brand worlds designed at launch are no longer fit for purpose. CREDIT KARMA faced exactly that challenge, their product had evolved, they customer base too, and their identity needed to catch up. Helping clients find their perfect agency match is a privilege, especially when the output is is transformational as it was in this this case.”

Nick Bell – Co-Founder, ASK US FOR IDEAS