Connecting groundbreaking app FIG with LA-based HERMAN-SCHEER to help translate their vision and insights into a visual and verbal world that works across all touchpoints.

Brand Strategy - Brand Identity - UX/UI Design - Content

“AUFI has been a powerful partner for us since day one. We were connected while seeking to build a new brand. Nick and Toby helped us think through the possible paths we could pursue. We quickly met with a diverse group of high-caliber branding teams and found incredible partners at Herman-Scheer. We couldn't be happier with the branding work, and even afterwards, Nick and Toby have remained thought partners and continue to support us any way they can.”

Max Rebarber, Co-Founder | CEO, FIG

“Max had us at 'Fig will become everyone’s digital diet'. Fig is all about helping those who live with dietary restrictions to abide by them without compromising on ease or joy. Similarly, we wanted to make Max’s job of finding the right creative partner easy and enjoyable, and after introducing him to a selection of potential teams he selected the fine folk at Herman-Scheer. It’s been wonderful to see that relationship go from strength to strength and we’re proud to call Fig an AUFI Ventures portfolio company.”

Toby Wilikinson, ASK US FOR IDEAS

Design - Herman-Scheer © – Client FIG
Design - Herman-Scheer © – Client FIG

“Fig is an app that helps people with dietary restrictions find foods that work for them. We wanted to amplify their mission of making life easier with a welcoming brand identity and a simple, efficent digital presence that captures the humanity and delight of eating.”