DIPSEA is an audio-erotica platform on a mission to provide people with the tools for pleasure & self-discovery in and outside of the bedroom. In need of a rebrand that would give them room for the massive growth trajectory they're on, we connected them to the brilliant team at HERMAN-SCHEER for a collaboration that redefines hot.

Positioning Refinement ⎼ Brand Visual & Verbal Identity ⎼ Web ⎼ Content Production

While other brands focus on the physical or visual elements of sexuality, DIPSEA takes a mind-first approach. The beloved audio platform hosts original stories designed to help women tap into their sexuality and see it not as a vice but as an essential part of joy, self-confidence, and well-being. With big ambitions, DIPSEA needed a refined strategy, fresh identity, and new website that created an experience as beautiful and engaging as the content itself.

"With a new product, identity, and vision, we're thrilled to watch our partners at Dipsea help people to unlock their sexuality and open up space to explore desires and fantasies on their own terms. As always, AUFI's ability to identify synergistic brands for Herman-Scheer strikes again!"

Chapin Herman, Co-founder & CEO, Herman-Scheer

"We knew a rebrand would allow us to continue to lead this new category. The new design maintains the celebratory, sensual, playful spirit that our listeners love, but unlocks new opportunities for us as we solidify Dipsea as the best storytellers in the world around sex and intimacy."

Gina Guttierez, President & Chief Creative Officer, Dipsea