Matching alcohol-free beer brand DAYS with ONWARDS for some end-to-end brand creation that would stand out on shelf and online.

Naming - Identity - Packaging - Art Direction - Digital - Campaign

“AUFI just get it. After guiding us through a number of brilliant agency conversations, we zeroed-in on ONWARDS whose creativity, culture and mindset has made them the perfect agency partner for us. AUFI have a unique ability to help turn ideas into reality and whenever I speak to aspiring entrepreneurs they are the first people I recommend talking to.”

Mike Gammell, Founder – Days

“Mike and Duncan's prior experience makes them an incredibly exciting pair, and their dedication to launching a truly 0% beer means they have a product that can genuinely be game changing. As long term trial-ers of non-alc beer, it’s amazing to finally have one that doesn’t feel full of compromises. The low and no-alc sector is an incredibly exciting one and we're delighted to include DAYS in the AUFI ventures portfolio.”

Toby Wilkinson, Founder – ASK US FOR IDEAS