Listen In: “Just Buy Better” With Merchery

Listen In: “Just Buy Better” With Merchery

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Today, we’re joined by B2B customisable merchandise company MERCHERY – as we chat with co-founder, Simon Polet, about how encouraging businesses to buy less is the key to his success. Interviewed by longtime AUFI pal and partner, Max Luthy, get ready for a deep dive. Discussing the corporate customisation market, sustainability and why business merch has never been so relevant as workforces go remote – tune in below.

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  • Max LuthyI’d love to know the process behind how you choose what to stock. Talk to me how you go from concept to landing a product on

    Simon PoletThe goal is to create a selection of products that people want, will keep and will continue to use, which is a real challenge in this industry. We’ve all come across that company pen that doesn’t work, that branded USB key you don’t use, that low quality sweatshirt… So we select our stock with quality and beauty in mind, and that is a pretty spontaneous process.

  • MLDo you ever tell people to buy less? Patagonia infamously tried that with the ‘Don’t Buy This Jacket’ billboard and sold a whole bunch of jackets, as a result.

    SPOf course! We are on a very small scale doing our best – and, obviously, the best option is to buy nothing at all – however, our positioning really tries to convince people that we need to go for quality over quantity. Usually people ask for advice on what to buy their teams – and, when that happens, we say, “How about this year you offer just one single thing?” Our products are of better quality and last longer. We are 1% For The Planet and we’re doing things properly. That’s the starting point, it’s the least we can do. Just buy better.

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