Private View(s) Season 3

Private View(s) Season 3

After a break of more than a year, ahead of producing Season 3 of Private View(s) DAVID MICHON posed a couple of informal questions to us to better understand our ambition for the new episodes, and to align on the directional change we were planning. As we launch the series this week, we thought it would be valuable to share the answers we gave to give further insight into our plans, thought process and Private View(s)' future.

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  • DAVID MICHONWhy is it valuable to listen to agencies and not just review their portfolios?

    NICK BELLFor us Private View(s) has always been about showcasing the people behind the design. Doing what we do, we naturally build very close relationships with the individuals who run the various design agencies we champion, and in getting to know them discover a more real picture of who they are and what they’re all about. Looking at their portfolios of course tells a certain story - but the reality is agencies' case-studies can easily blend one into another - from project to project, studio to studio. What makes each one unique, whether it be a high profile branding initiative or a global campaign, is the process that got them there. Looking into the journey and thought process of these teams will really help highlight who aligns with your values and ambitions, and therefore likely make for a better partner. Ultimately, its like anything I suppose - studying the end product isn’t as valuable as learning from the journey taken to get there.

  • DMWhat’s the selection process for S3?

    TOBY WILKINSONThis season we’ve decided to mix it up a little actually. The 10+ episodes we’ve released historically have always been focused on the agency side of our business. The reality is that’s only half of our world. Every agency relationship we have is matched with a client/brand one on the other side, so this year we’ll be shining a light on them too. Half of the episodes will follow the normal format (digging deep into a certain agency and its story / processes), and the other half will spotlight a particular client we’ve worked with over the last couple of years. When choosing which brands to talk to, our focus at least initially has been on Founder-led businesses. Earlier stage ventures / businesses in growth mode. These are all people who massively value creativity so unearthing why it’s such an important factor for them, plus hearing about the journey they’ve been on as they built their business, makes for amazing listening.

  • DMYou know your agencies like the back of your hands - but when a new client comes to you, what do you do to get inside their minds as quickly as possible?

    TWFor us, the most important factor in a good client agency relationship is chemistry. What this means is when a client first approaches us, rather than diving straight into the nuances of their brief — the project specifics/details — we prefer to build a more holistic picture of the person commissioning the work, and the people who will be running the project. It's about understanding their ambitions more than it is their exact deliverables list - and trying to establish what sort of professional character we’re working with. Once we’ve got a good handle on who we’re talking to, we can then begin thinking about which agency team they’re going to gel with most fluidly.

  • DM...and, introduce me to Max Luthy?

    NBMax is a Long time friend of AUFI’s - a director of Trend and Insights at Trendwatching where he helped brands like Northface, Google, Spotify and The Walt Disney Imagineers anticipate the customer of tomorrow. He has since set out to launch his own Goliath-toppling business Plink! (watch this space: Both Toby and I have remained very close to that business, supporting it personally and through AUFI Ventures, so when it came to choosing who we might have interview the client focused episodes, we felt he was the perfect fit. He understands the challenges that can come with launching and building a brand so can relate directly with the subject matter we’re unpacking, founder-to-founder, and his trend / insights background give him the ability to take both macro and micro vantage points when thinking and talking about creativity, venture and commerce.

  • DMWhen we listen to PV(s), what should we be listening for?

    TW4 new episodes dropping over the next 2 weeks, featuring Hyphenated and Butchershop on the agency-side, and Faculty and Pattern from AUFI's client and partner world. All the episodes look to feature unique insights into the value of creativity within business, what it takes to scale and grow both agencies and brands, plus intricate portraits of the people and cultures that are driving them.

LISTEN TO ALL EPISODES via Soundcloud and iTunes.