a branding agency forSamsung

SAMSUNG asked us to recommend a list of best-in-class branding agencies to help harmonise their services across various platforms, from TV to gaming and beyond.

We introduced them to teams with a deep understanding of media and entertainment branding, experience working collaboratively with in-house design teams, and an ability to navigate a complex stakeholder landscape.

SAMSUNG chose DIXONBAXI to work on the rebrand of their TV PLUS offering, as well as their GAMING HUB. For the former, they built a scalable new identity system that sets the streaming service apart from competitors, while remaining firmly in SAMSUNG’s brand ecosystem.

For the GAMING HUB, DIXONBAXI worked closely with SAMSUNG'S in-house brand team, crafting an identity and design system that brings ease and fun to the future of gaming, captivating millions of players worldwide.

“Brands like SAMSUNG need a partner who can challenge them, but equally help them navigate the complex stakeholder landscape that exists in businesses of that size. DIXONBAXI were just the ticket.”

Nick Bell – Co-Founder, AUFI

“Helping a brand of SAMSUNG's scale find a long-term agency partner is incredibly rewarding. Bringing the world's most exciting creative briefs to the industry's most talented agencies is what we live for at AUFI and this epitomises that.”

Toby Wilkinson – Co-Founder, AUFI