Streaming now: Fondation Chanel and Accept & Proceed discuss their change-making partnership

Streaming now: Fondation Chanel and Accept & Proceed discuss their change-making partnership

For a special edition of our PRIVATE VIEW(S) podcast, we brought together an AUFI client and an AUFI agency: Fondation Chanel and Accept & Proceed.

Having spent the last year working alongside one another, they reflected on what made their partnership such a success, how to build a brand for our changing times, and how design and branding is helping Fondation Chanel communicate the work they’re doing to help women and girls around the world.

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“What was interesting was to really feel that this was not a one-model-fits-all approach; we really felt the connection and the fact that we would be having that ongoing conversation. We were looking for a thought partner, we said that from the beginning, and I think that’s how Accept & Proceed showed up from day one.” – Karen Meddour, Global Head, Fondation Chanel

“I think the most important role of design in catalysing change is to create something – a brand, a product, a reputation – that can weather change and that can be looked toward and looked back at over and over again with that tacit understanding in the mind or the eye of the viewer, or the audience, or participant even, about what that brand stands for.” – Sally Oldfield, Managing Director, Accept & Proceed

“We want to make sure that what we do is very intentional and that’s why finding the right partner is really, really crucial, but I think it’s about making sure via creative means that we can continue to shed light on issues, amplify voices, and potentially drive more funds to women and girls and the organisations that are doing the work on the ground. So it’s really an enabler, I would say.” – Karen Meddour

“I think whenever we start a new project we always start through the lens of impact – how can we ensure that this work has the most positive impact it can in the world? With this project, what we saw was two really amazing different forces, and one was the incredible influence and meaning for so many of the brand of Chanel, and then the other was the work of Fondation Chanel’s partners who are closest to the issues that women and girls face worldwide.” – Shaunie Brett, Head of Strategy, Accept & Proceed

“Often we think about what is the effect that the work is going to create once it’s in the world? What will the outcome be? Sometimes things can be very success-metric driven, but one of the things we noticed as we were going through this process was that change was constant inside both our organisations and that’s a different way to think about the impact of brand-building work.” – Sally Oldfield

Listen to the full episode on SPOTIFY, SOUNDCLOUD and APPLE PODCASTS.